“In a great hall with pillars hewn out of the living stone sat the Elvenking on a chair of carven wood.”

The Elvenking of the Woodland Realm has ruled over his subjects from the times when Mirkwood was called Greenwood the Great. For centuries, travellers and wanderers have heard the eerie sound of their laughter echoing in every corner of the wood; today, the court of Thranduil is an underground fastness in the northernmost region of Mirkwood, a bastion protected by magic and held in arms against the Shadow that has fallen on the forest. Its denizens are ever- vigilant sentinels, members of a diminishing people that have suffered greatly in many wars.

They have grown suspicious of trespassing foreigners and what they may bring. Now, however, the great victory at the Battle of Five Armies has somewhat eased the relationships between Elves, Dwarves and Men living in the area, and trade has increased after years of seclusion.

The Elves of Northern Mirkwood are members of the Firstborn, the earliest denizens of Middle-earth. Also called Wood-elves, the followers of Thranduil the Elvenking are a reclusive folk. They may be less wise or ambitious than nobler Elves, but they have chosen to live a simpler life. Their attachment to all things natural lets them rejoice in leading hunts and holding feasts, even under the threat of what lurks in the dark of Mirkwood. It is this love for Middle- earth and their hopes of reclaiming the entire forest from the Shadow that prevents them from abandoning their home and sailing to the uttermost West.


Elusive warriors devoted to the preservation of their hidden realm, Silvan Elves are a fair but hardy folk. Their experiences have made them suspicious of other peoples, but have not robbed them of the ability to delight in the simple pleasures of living. Even though their power is slowly waning, Elves are staunch fighters dedicated to resisting the encroaching darkness, either alone or side- by-side with trusted allies. As all those who belong to the Firstborn, they are not subject to illness or old age, and thus can dwell within the circles of the world until they choose to leave it, or are slain.


The Elves of Mirkwood are a folk at a war, and dedicate much of their wealth to their defense, ranking their culture as Martial.


Silvan Elves are not often seen outside of their woodland kingdom. In their attempt to preserve its beauty, they turned the forest’s shadowy canopy and its green glades into a fortified sanctuary, where they struggle to hold the Shadow at bay. When an Elven adventurer leaves his home, he risks being considered just short of an outlaw: to many of his peers and family, he is forsaking his duties.
Suggested Calling: Scholar, Warden.


Folk of the Dusk
When an Elf of Mirkwood is inside a forest or under the earth, or it is night, all his Attribute bonuses are based on his favoured rating.


New Hope
You have lived among the Raft-elves, often dealing with the Men of Lake-town on behalf of King Thranduil. At first, it was only your sire’s command that made you leave your forest home, but now you have no regrets. The world beyond the King’s realm is wide and, while full of hidden threats, is also populated by other valiant peoples, enemies of the same Shadow that your kin has fought for centuries. It could well be your mission to find worthy and trusted allies to join you in your fight…
Favoured Skill Travel

A Musical Legacy
Your father was a minstrel of great virtue, whose work will be praised for countless years. His talent passed along to you, but transformed into a love for the music that lies in plain speech. Your voice is pleasing to all listeners, and you choose your words much as your fingers choose the strings on the harp.
Favoured Skill Courtesy

Memory of Suffering
A long time ago, Elves akin to your folk dwelt around the Naked Hill in the south of Greenwood the Great, before the Necromancer claimed it to build his fastness of sorcery. Now that the Shadow has fled, you have often journeyed there to spy upon that dreaded place, to ponder on the hurt suffered by your people in many years of cruel warfare. Many of your kinsmen prefer to forget and be merry, but you know that evil is seldom conquered forever.
Favoured Skill Stealth

Noble Blood
In your veins runs the blood of Elven adventurers of great renown, who in ages past chose to dwell among the Silvan Elves, seeking refuge and peace in troubled years. They say their superior wisdom is reflected in your noble countenance, and much is expected of you in the coming wars. You have sworn never to betray these expectations, and you will die before you see your fair home reduced to ruins.
Favoured Skill Inspire

Wild at Heart
The beauty of Greenwood the Great seems lost forever in the shadows of Mirkwood, but you still find solace running alongside its wild beasts, as your kinsmen did for centuries. The wood sings to you as tree branches sway and leaves rustle; enchanting music you strive to decipher. Some find your ways to be simple and rustic, but they fail to see the wisdom of choosing to live your life fully in these waning years.
Favoured Skill Athletics

Envoy of the King
You have journeyed far from the borders of the Woodland Realm with your father, on his errands to the courts of Men and Dwarves. Standing by his side, you have learnt much in a handful of months; more than in years spent in the gilded cage of your home. Sadly, you have also discovered how the Shadow is creeping upon the outside world, gaining in strength with each passing year.
Favoured Skill Lore


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