Beorning, Child of Two Worlds, Warden


Jorah, his father a Beorning who took a Wilderland Woman for his wife. The pair of them explored and ranged across Middle Earth, returning every year for Beorn’s feast. Jorah’s father trusted few, save his mother and other Beornings. His mother was easier in her trust and together they taught Jorah how to gauge the will of men, to be a judge of character above all else.

Years ago, when Jorah was just a lad of 16 or so, his family was waylaid by some orcs (or trolls). His father fought bravely, but in the end, he took a mortal wound to the chest, an Orcish axe splitting his shoulder to the breastbone. Jorah’s mother fought bravely but was eventually captured. Jorah, injured and left to die with his father, vowed to hunt down the Orcs and rescue his mother. He buried his father and took off after the Orcs, slaying the few that remained. His face bears the long white scar where the axe nearly took his eye. The orcs maimed his mother, cutting off a foot and a hand, to keep her from escaping. When he rescued her, his mother put her left hand upon his chest, leaving a crimson print. Since then, Jorah has painted a red hand on his clothes, sometimes in blood, to tell others of the dangers of Orcs. His mother still lives, now with her people in the Wilderlands. She cannot travel as she did before, but every year, the crippled woman makes the trek to her adopted home, to attend Beorn’s Yule-Tide feast. Ten years have passed, and his mother has not missed Beorn’s call.

Jorah made his way across the Mirkwood with his cousin of the Woodsmen, The Quick as he is known. Jorah of the Red Hand, the Quick, and a hobbit Toliver, crossed the Mirkwood to see the town of Dale and prepare for Bard’s festival.


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